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As part of cooperation with  the School Complex No. 18 in Wrocław , for the fourth time we host 4th grade students who undergo vocational training at White Drive Motor and Steering.

For a period of four weeks, under the supervision of our tutors – our qualified specialists, such as machine tool operators, mechanics, mechatronics and automation engineers, young people learn to work on CNC machines. The boys learn how our machinery works by observing the work of experienced employees and helping in the spare parts warehouse.

As the students say, internships in our company are not only practical learning of the profession, but also their first contact with a production company and the opportunity to learn the secrets of work in a large production plant.

Last year, we enabled two other classes of mechanics and electricians to undergo internships in our factory, and the cooperation has already resulted in the first graduates who decided to start working at White. Like their older colleagues, current interns are willing to cooperate with our company in the future, as employees.

We count on further and fruitful cooperation and we are looking forward to the next group of young specialists