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The end of the holidays is fast approaching. On this occasion, last Friday, August 25, a unique event took place in our company canteen, a game show modeled on the well-known and popular Familiada. Two five-person teams faced questions about the company and everyday life. 

The first team, called Jamnikowo, represented the logistics department, the second (Wylagowani) the customer service department, and the leader of the production team was Jakub Zadura. After 5 fierce rounds of play, the Lagged team entered the finals and won the main prize – a joint team-building event to the Sushi Corner restaurant. 

The participants could count on the support of their colleagues who gathered in large numbers in the canteen and also watched the event broadcast online. The game show caused a lot of laughter, both among the participants and the audience, and it was also a nice break from everyday duties.